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How It Began, Full Series - 20 Episodes

Purchase the full series of How It Began to gain access to all 20 ad-free episodes, including:


  • Horsepower: From Stallions to Steam Engines
  • Modern Science: From Belief to Knowledge
  • Wolves to Dogs: The Origins of Our Alliance
  • Monumental Infrastructure: From Stonehenge to the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Surgery: How We Learned to Heal
  • Electricity: The Beacon of Modernity
  • Computers: From Charles Babbage to Steve Jobs
  • The Internet: From Sputnik to the World Wide Web
  • The Stock Market: How Democratized Investment Changed the World
  • The English Language: From a Dark Ages Dialect to Global Domination
  • The Theory of Evolution: A Triumph of Wonder, From Coal Miners to Darwin
  • Refrigeration: From Ice Harvests to Superconductivity
  • Coffee: Sobering Up for The Enlightenment
  • Mastering Metals: From Sticks & Stones to Cars & Computers
  • The Printed Book: Opening the Floodgates of Knowledge
  • The Enlightenment: From a Medieval to a Modern Mindset
  • Measuring Time: The Hidden Mechanism of Modernity
  • Money: From Barter to Blockchain

How It Began, Full Series - 20 Episodes

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